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What should they really be eating?

What should they really be eating?

Friday Night Meal: 

Salad (no thick dressings)

Pasta: As with other grain-based foods, whole-grain pasta supplies more nutrition, yields longer-lasting energy, and promotes less fat storage than regular pasta.

Lean meat: Lean beef, steak and roast are good choices. If you choose chicken, the  breast (no skin) is leaner than the dark meat.

Lots of Water: No juice, sodas or tea



Athlete Saturday Morning Meal:  

Eat a light, healthy breakfast before 7 a.m. 

Options include:Waffles/Pancakes - no butter or syrup, dry cereal (unsweetened), cereal bar, dry bagels, fruit (small amount).  Try to avoid:  biscuits, meat, juice, milk and/or dairy products (including yogurt)



Athlete Food/Drink During the Meet:  

Pasta, lean chicken (baked or grilled), PB&J Sandwiches (on wheat), granola bars, fresh or dried fruit, trail mix, Water. Snacks are most beneficial if consumed within 15 minutes of an event. 


Try to avoid:

Cheese, Mayo, fried foods, junk food, chips, and processed meats and only use Gatorade after competing.


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